Monday, 8 February 2016

Design can help India's children

To all designers who care about innocent poor children!!

There is a big problem with all the poor countries around the world, especially in Africa and Asia. A lot of little kids born in this countries don't have the chance to a normal life and, consequently, poverty keeps them away from evolving and from outweighing their condition. Even worse is the fact that they have a lot of potential and intelligence which are wasted so easy.

Now, you are all wondering what could you possibly do. The answer is very simple. You are already helping them while reading this post. Why? Because you are on my blog, aware of their problem. But you can actually help them in a more practical way. How? You'll find in the next paragraph.

A few days ago my university launched a project for supporting schools in India who don't have proper learning conditions. This means extremely small classrooms, some scraps used as chairs and desks and a lot of other issues. So they are asking Design students and amateurs to work out a way of helping them with new desks and chairs. The goal is to propose a project that meets several criteria:
  1. be as cheap as possible( this means low costs of production=> keep as simple as possible)
  2. be modular or folding
  3. be easy to replace/repair in case of damage
The second criterion has to be very carefully taken into account as children in India use their classrooms for 3 purposes: learn, eat and dance (an important ritual in their society).

To sum up, I would be very happy to see all of you trying to help those poor children. No money involved. Only big hearts. Let's get together and give them hope for a better life!! This is not a' s a prayer.

I will come back with more details next days so stay close to my blog. Those of you who have some ideas, feel free to share with us so we can find the best solution. I will do all that is possible to make people aware of this problem.

So start following my blog if you are interested in what I am intending to do . You can also follow me on my new Facebook page I made yesterday:

Thank you and keep in mind: "Try not to be a man of success, but rather try to be a man of value."(Albert Einstein)

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